Georgian Hotel Towels (Bath Towel)

£3.13 / Dozen - £112.68 / Box

Hotel Bath Towel

Georgian Hotel Towels are 100% Cotton 500gsm white towel with different number of header bars for each size. Suitable hotel towel with the size identified by the number of header bards.

  • Product: Bath Towel
  • Dimension: 68 x 135
  • GSM: 400 GSM
  • Case Pack: 36 pcs

Price per case pack.

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Georgian Hotel Bath Towels are likely high-quality and luxurious bath towels designed for use in hotels and similar upscale establishments. Here’s what you can generally expect from these towels:

  1. Georgian Hotel Towels: The “Georgian” branding may suggest a classic or traditional style, often associated with elegance and luxury. Hotel towels are typically chosen for their durability and ability to maintain quality despite frequent use and laundering.
  2. Bath Towel: Bath towels are a standard bathroom essential used for drying the body after a bath or shower. They provide good coverage and absorbency and are common in both hotel and home settings.

The specific features, quality, and thickness of Georgian Hotel Bath Towels may vary depending on the manufacturer and the hotel’s preferences. However, they are typically designed to offer a comfortable and efficient drying experience for hotel guests who seek quality and luxury during their stay.

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